My aunt

Each post attempts to bring alive the world of Zia Clara.

Historical fiction is created by combining true events with the creative aspect of the writer’s perspective. This blog is such a work and is based upon my Zia Clara’s Italian journal of recorded daily events from 1966-1967. Since I began this blog at a random date, the tabs marked 1966 & 1967 will help you to follow in chronological order. Widgets are included and complement the entries. The date of the sidebar corresponds to the posting by day and month.

Through each post I re-create her life into a fictitious one using true events – living with relatives and traveling in the Italy during that time period – keeping her as the main character. Zia Clara’s life had a profound influence on my own as a child in the U.S. during the late 1950’s. Her elegance, wit, independence, and dedication to family laid a foundation for choices I would make later in my own life. Her journal was a gift to me, and it is through her own words, and my twenty years as an artist, that I hope to bring you some small glimpse of my zia.

Molte grazie, and enjoy,

cp, 2011

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